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  • Use this locator to find agencies and individual practitioners offering substance use disorder services, including evaluation (this is a critical first step to determine level of treatment needed), withdrawal management (detox), outpatient counseling, residential treatment, recovery supports and other types of services for people experiencing problems with alcohol and other drug use, including addiction. Some agencies provide services on a sliding fee scale based on funding they receive from the NH Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Visit Resources to learn about support groups such as 12 step meetings for individuals and families. has information about ways to access naloxone, an opioid overdose reversal medication.

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    • Type your address or zipcode in the Address field. You may also indicate a range within 10 to 250 miles.
    • Filter by clicking on the Service Types, Populations Served, and/or Payer radio buttons.
    • Click on the points on the map within the location of interest to obtain provider contact information.
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    Inclusion on this list is not an endorsement of services. Those seeking services should consider verifying credentials, requesting references, or other means to determine expertise & quality of services.
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    This directory lists available treatment services in NH. While the directory is comprehensive and updated routinely, it is not exhaustive and will be influenced by factors such as changes of location, service delivery, capacity, etc.. There may be services available in the state that choose not to be listed in the directory. The NH Center for Excellence, the NH Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services and the NH Charitable Foundation do not endorse or confirm the quality, availability, or accuracy of information related to the services in the directory, nor the level of practitioner knowledge & skills and/or any agency's expertise to treat substance use disorders. It is recommended that referral organizations or individuals seeking treatment services contact agencies and practitioners by phone to obtain more information prior to visiting a location. It is also recommended that referral organizations and individuals seeking treatment gather references and information on expertise, experience level, and credential status when selecting a treatment provider or program.